The smartphone is the new scanner

An increasing number of people, particularly in the United States are using their mobile phones for the task of scanning QR codes and in many cases UPC barcode labels. The use of mobiles for this is popular as it can give the user lots of information about a product, or indeed a company before a decision is made to buy an item and the trend is gathering momentum here too.

Naturally before you can use the smartphone to scan, you have to have the right sort of app installed onto your ‘phone and these are available from a number of companies. These are available for both iPhone and android devices and the numbers of people who are downloading the reading apps is growing daily.

This applies here in the UK and the tech minded public are making full use of that the smartphone gives to them. There is absolutely no reason why companies should not use both a barcode and a QR code on the product, this gives the best of both worlds for information about the item as well as directing the customer to a specific web site, sales pitch or telephone help can all be included.

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