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Some security label uses

Security labels are now being used more frequently by companies who want to make sure their goods are not stolen or tampered with. But what makes security labels so good at the job they do?

Types of security label include:

• Void labels are a type of label which is designed to leave the word VOID on the product if the label is tampered with or removed. This provides proof the item had been mistreated.

Protect your valuable assets with security labels

If a business is serious about avoiding any financial losses it really needs to have control over company assets such as its expensive equipment. This is because should they be lost or stolen it could cause unnecessary problems.

This is why it is advisable to safeguard the equipment owned by the business by keeping track of it using an asset register or database. The implementation of this is not going to be difficult and you can be up to date with everything the company possesses.

Improve business security using asset labels

There are various ways in which asset labels can be used to aid a business. This is not just confined to being able to label or number some product or other. In fact, asset labels are perfect for security purposes.

When you consider asset labels and their many features, you will be able to see how they can warn people against tampering with particular equipment or device parts.

Security labels

Labels can be used for a range of purposes by a business, and one of the primary reasons may include security. It can be extremely important for a company to clearly mark that they own particular items of equipment, particularly if such equipment is to be used off-site, or in a work area used by a number of different businesses.

Security tags can be used to label equipment, combined with either tracking details for asset tracking or company logos for branding purposes.

Use security labels to protect valuable assets

Safeguarding company equipment is very important if a business wants to avoid financial losses. And one of the best ways to keep track of all the equipment you own is to have an asset register of all your assets.

The best way to implement than asset register is to label each and every asset you own and enter this information into a database, which can be accessed at the touch of a button. However, as well as standard asset labels that might feature an asset number or asset code, there are more many ways that you can improve asset security by using asset labels.

Three advantages of using security labels

Security labels might not stop a determined thief put they act as an excellent theft deterrent.

Security labels are being used more frequently in industry, especially by manufacturers of electronic goods, as they provide a visible deterrent against theft. They can be used on devices such as laptop computers, expensive tools and other valuable equipment.

The benefits of using security labels include:

Deter theft

Uses of security labels

There are numerous applications for security labels which are normally dependent on sector or individual requirements.

Some security seals can be used to prevent, or more accurately provide evidence of, tampering of pieces of equipment or products. There are two main categories of security labels which can be used to provide evidence of tampering.

Tamper evident security labels

Many manufacturers are now realising the importance of marking their products with labels. These labels can contain information such as the serial number of the product or even contain information about the person who assembled the product.

Because technology is advancing all the time, many electrical and electronic products also benefit from using labels. However, these labels aren’t just used to establish the make and model of the product, these labels are also a way of identifying if a product has been taken apart or modified.

Use security labels to stop theft

Security labels come in different shapes, sizes and types. They are best suited for product branding, authentication and counterfeit protection. They keep your property safe and are easily identifiable so you know if the property has been tampered with. Security labels help track your assets and safeguard them. The chances of objects being misplaced are greatly reduced if you have security labels on them.

Security labels protect computer and audio equipment

We all want the latest hi tech equipment and because of this there is a huge market for the latest gadgets and gizmos. Whether it’s the latest phone or the most up-to-date computer, we always have to stay one step ahead of our friends. The problems with owing this type of equipment however is that on occasion things go wrong and a fault can develop with the device.