Are Security Labels Worth It

Using security systems on your valuable items such as tablets and computers is essential if a company is to keep track of them and ensure that they are as thief-proof as possible. Over the years there have been many methods of adding security markings to valuable items, amongst the first was writing a postcode or company name onto the item which could only be read with the aid of infrared light, but it was possible to overcome this and it soon fell out of favour.

A safe way is to use laser etching but this method is quite expensive, using permanent marker pens can work but they can be obliterated. Whilst it is true that any form of marking on a laptop or tablet will act as a deterrent the way that most companies and public bodies are now securing their valuable equipment is through the use of a security label.

This act as a visible deterrent and also as a security tag, which once fixed to the item is virtually impossible to remove when using a special adhesive, the item then is very difficult to sell.

We supply two basic types of security labels both of which are cost-effective ways to protect your equipment, a polyester label which displays the word “void” if an attempt is made to remove it and destructible vinyl labels which break up into many pieces and are left on the surface when attempting to remove them.

Of course, it is impossible to make items such as these complete thief-proof, but security labels will go a long way to deter thieves.

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