Security labels used in the retail industry

Retailers tend to lose merchandise to the tune of billions of pounds due to theft and shoplifting. However, technology can come to their aid in the fight against theft. Security tags which incorporate sensors are weapons which many retailers swear by. These security tags have sensors that trigger an alert when someone tries to remove the item from a store without paying.

Features of the retail security label

Security labels are one of the main components of the EAS, which stands for electronic article surveillance. This system helps in combating and deterring theft. These security labels come in a variety of sizes. They can be hard tags with sensors, magnetic and ink tags. Soft tags include stickers and security labels which are fixed to the merchandise.

The other security component is the deactivator or the detacher. These are devices that are used to turn off or remove the security label and tags. Another retail security device is the detector. These detectors sound an alarm when an active security label or tag is moved from the protected area.

Security labels really are vital within the retail industry today.

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