Security Labels – keeping your company’s assets safe

Security labels can be used in a wide range of different situations, such as anti-theft and anti-counterfeit labels, genuine product seals and for asset protection. Police forces also use them to secure evidence bags and forensic samples to protect against tampering.

Here at DataLabel we specialise in a wide range of security labels from void and tamper evident labels to custom and bespoke security labels; here are some of the labels we offer:

Void Polyester Labels
Our void polyester labels are made with a special combination of coatings and laminates making it hard to remove but cannot be repositioned undetected. These double layered labels show the word void when they have been tampered with meaning that you can easily see when something is wrong.
These types of labels are commonly used by manufacturers as warranty stickers, but can also be used for packaging or repaired by labels.

Tamper Evident Labels
Different from void polyester labels, tamper evident labels are made from vinyl and cannot be removed in on piece, rather it will split into many pieces making it evident that the piece was tampered with.
Tamper evident labels are popular in the food industry for packaging so that consumers can spot that an item has been tampered with, but they also have applications for packaging, warranty stickers and company assets.

Self-Voiding Security Labels
Tagging an asset used to involve fixing a metal tag to a piece of equipment with the company details engraved on, but as technology and printing methods have grown we are now able to offer self-voiding security labels, making it much easier to tag your company assets.

The main advantage of our self-voiding labels is that they can be applied to any surface without the need to drill any holes or punch any rivets. Self-voiding security labels can be customised to your specifications and when the seal is removed it cannot be resealed.

If you would like to know more about our security labels and how we can help, call our experienced team on 01293 551520 or fill out our online enquiry form for a free quote.

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