Readable barcodes

If a barcode cannot be read when scanned, there is little point in adding it to a product. Naturally the numbers on the barcode can be punched into the cash register or computer, but this is completely defeating the object!

This is why good quality printing is vital, if the code is in any way not sharp and clear then problems can arise. Many advocate that barcodes should be in black and white, yes it can make them easier to read, but there is nothing wrong with colour providing it is well printed.

At Data Label, we take great pride in our colour printing and are able to satisfy the most exacting standards that are demanded by a company’s design team. This can be achieved in one of two ways ether through the four primary colours using our digital printing or Pantone matching.

If you would like a quotation for barcode or other label printing, we are confident that by using our HP Indigo digital print technology, you will have no problems with your labels. We can accommodate short or long runs for all your colour labels, perfect colour matching, materials to suit the product and the destination and transportation environment where the product will be used and sold, in a size to suit.

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