QR codes your 24hour marketing executive

Barcodes have been with us for nearly forty years and are a very familiar sight wherever we look; the QR code is relatively new with us for less than half that time, coming into prominence with the rise of the smartphone.

The QR code or quick response code can carry far more information than the barcode being two dimensional, this allows QR codes to carry much more information in a smaller space; the conventional barcode would require ten times as much space to hold this amount of information.

The QR code can also stand up to being degraded by as much as 50% and still be capable of being read; also it can be read from virtually any angle and on just about any background. The QR code is a great marketing tool and it is your unpaid, 24hour sales person conveying information about your company, product or web address.

The QR code can also be printed in a variety of shapes, colour and sizes, be part of a label and have a picture embedded into the design. To create something really eye-catching, you can employ a designer, or contact us and we will be pleased to offer our expert advice and of course our service.

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