Protecting Your Barcodes

Having a barcode label on a product, equipment or freezer pack is of little or no value if it cannot be read by the barcode scanner. Of course it all depends upon how the item is stored, transported or the use to which it is put.

We are able to supply barcode labels which will withstand extreme heat and cold, all manner of outdoor environment such as wet, the exposure to mild or moderate chemicals which are hazardous, or even to surface damage or abrasions.

We can design and supply barcode labels that will remain both intact, but importantly still be readable by the scanner and functional even if subjected to these conditions. We can in the process of manufacture over-laminate them, or we can coat them with other kinds of substance that will ensure that they remain completely functional. In certain conditions we would recommend that that are made from special material such as super durable vinyl.

They can also be made to withstand extreme temperatures; cryogenic labels will withstand temperatures as low as minus 196 degrees centigrade, flexible labels that will be perfectly functional at between minus 40 centigrade up to plus 150 centigrade.

Just as long as we know what conditions the label is likely to encounter, we will make our recommendations, it is no use supplying a standard label to you if there is a possibility of extremes being encountered at some time, they will probably fade or even could disintegrate, which could be frustrating to staff and possibly costly.


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