How to promote customer loyalty through branding and packaging

Packaging is a powerful tool for brands to use not only to attract new customers, but to promote both customer loyalty and brand awareness that can propel your company to the next level.
To put this statement into context, YouTube has over 60 million unboxing videos on its platform, which shows how important packaging and labeling is to a brand, and that being creative with your packaging can make a big difference to the way your product or service is perceived.

Here we’ll talk about some ideas of how to build customer loyalty with your packaging and labeling.

Reward customers for reusing packaging

With consumers being more environmentally conscious, many are willing to pay more for sustainable products, so if your products allow it, offering customers a reward for reducing or reusing packaging is a great idea.
An example of this is Costa Coffee, who offer customers a discount on their drinks if they use one of their reusable Costa cups instead of the paper ones. Another benefit of rewarding customers in this way is that it can remind to stock up on their products.

Creating custom packaging

Involving the customer in the process of designing the packaging and giving them a say in how a product is packaged is a great tool to use to boost customer loyalty.
Send some designs out in the form of a survey and let the custom
er choose which ones they like or would be more drawn to if they saw them in a shop or supermarket; this will give the customer a sense of contributing to the product and give them the confidence that your brand cares about their customers.


Offer rewards for customers that buy again

Use your packaging and labels to provide customers with discount codes, news about new products and services and any relevant information about the company. Try not to add too many flyers or other leaflets as it could look messy, but adding it onto the existing packaging is a great way of enticing customers to buy from you again.

Personalising packaging

It is not unusual for brands to thank customers for their purchases, but taking this further you can personalise your thank yous to make the customer appreciate your product more.

Just a small hand-written (if you have time) or printed note to say thank you can have a dramatic effect on customer loyalty, and shows that you genuinely appreciate their purchase.

The customer may also decide to share your note on their social media pages, which is a great way of gaining more followers and positive brand awareness for your company.

Whatever you decide to do it is important to treat your packaging as an extension of your product and brand, while making sure that it abides by what your company stands for ethically.

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