Asset Labels

What are Asset Labels

Whilst you might not actually know what an asset label is, chances are you’ve probably seen one over the past week.

You know those little stickers on the side of IT equipment? These are asset labels. They can be used for a number of things such as tracking faults on IT equipment to making sure that onsite engineers visit locations by scanning the barcodes which can be printed on asset labels. When large companies need to track their assets, they use asset tags.

There really is a whole host of different uses for asset tags whether they are on your lease/rental equipment, in locations for service engineers or PAT testers to visit, or even tracking the popularity of products via SKUS.

What Are Asset Labels Manufactured From?

Asset labels can be manufactured from a number of different materials; these include metal - commonly aluminium, foil asset labels, polyester and polypropylene. We can over laminate polyester and polypropylene asset labels which not only makes them stronger but also increases the lifespan of these labels.

If your labels are in high traffic areas or likely to come into contact with lots of hands, we strongly suggest getting your asset labels over laminated. This is a simple process that we complete at the time of production to give your new labels extra strength, 100% print protection and a better lifespan.

If over lamination still won’t cover the protection that is required, you’re best to look at foil or metal-based asset labels. Our aluminium asset tags offer a strong outdoor solution that isn’t going to rust and will offer a durable strong asset tag that will be there in years to come.

We offer a wide variety of sizes and designs in our asset label products and you’re able to fully customise with your brand colour scheme or using our colour matching option.

All orders are turned around within 3-5 days and then dispatched directly to you.