Producing barcode labels

DataLabel has been producing barcode labels for many years and we are familiar with all the necessary procedures that must be employed if a good readable barcode label is made to sit on the product. Barcode labels are imperative for most modern businesses today; there cannot be a product that does not have one in the commercial or retail world.

Barcode labels can be customised and often these can be produced to include elements such as a company logo, this will link the product intrinsically to your company or business. It is worth remembering that although the product may be produced here in the UK and sold here too, it can be used all across the globe, the benefits that the barcode label can bring are immense.

Naturally the first important step is to generate the image for the important code and it is now that such things as company logos can be incorporated into the barcode labels themselves. Generally the image is created through the use of a thermal transfer or digitally. From here the barcode label can be produced on standard rolls, which is the popular way or through a wide range of “pre-sized” dies for printing your barcode labels. The material is also important and we can produce these on a variety of materials, normally paper or polypropylene. Adhesives are important too and we can offer a wide variety of different adhesives for the barcode to take into account the different surfaces that they are likely to be used upon.

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