Permanent or void, which do you need?

Much will depend upon the equipment the asset label is to be used on, but most companies will have a use for one or both of them.

Permanent asset labels are designed to be fixed to the particular piece of apparatus and not removed. The adhesive used forms a super strong bond with most surfaces it comes into contact with, and providing to is left for a period or four hours after fixing, the glue will have set and will be virtually impossible to remove, that is without causing damage. By using vinyl instead of paper for this asset label it will be considerably stronger, permanent in fact.

The sort of equipment where you would expect to find this kind of label would be workstations and other computer items such as keyboards, monitors, hard drives and mobile equipment. Normally fixing any kind of label to the plastic on computers can be difficult, but the vinyl asset label will overcome that problem. Naturally these labels can be personalised, perhaps with the company logo, you can if you wish have the latest holographic label for added protection.

The second option is the silver ‘void’ label, perfect for items which it is important to know if anyone has tried to tamper with them. If a person tries to remove this label, the words “VOID” will appear on the surface upon which it is fixed. The secret of this particular asset label is the two stage glue and typically it would be seen on IT equipment, medicine boxes, music systems and tablet computers.

Contact us if you have a requirement for either type of asset label and we will be pleased to discuss these with you.

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