Perfecting Your Labels

Labels are everywhere that you look, they can be seen on food items, clothing, parcels we receive, they importantly identify a product or relay information of some description. This is when a custom label becomes an important part of your company’s image, the size, shape colour, logo printing, all vital elements on a label.

Of course a custom label can be designed to withstand variations in temperature and rough handling and scuffing, water or extreme weather conditions. We can prepare a label that is made to stand up to anything that it is subjected to so long as we have the information from you.

We can print barcodes on your labels or if you want to direct the customer to a website or give them some other information perhaps a QR code could be added to it. Naturally we can use your own artwork, or if we have some basic information, then we will supply the artwork for the label and let you have a sample print for approval.

Please tell us what you think how label will be stored or used, extremes of weather or storage and we will offer the right material a choice of synthetic materials, for example polypropylene, polyester and vinyl, we will even varnished or laminate the label if we feel it is necessary. Contact us and we will be delighted to discuss our custom label with you.

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