The Advantages Of Over-Laminated Labels

Before over-laminated labels were commonly available, company owners and managers found themselves wasting time and money replacing barcode labels that had become damaged or simply disintegrated or faded and unreadable. This can mean that time is lost by being unable to read the label and can mean that valuable employees time is wasted.

Today we can provide labels from a variety of materials that are capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions including being frozen down to extreme temperatures referred to as cryogenic.

However, one of the most cost effective methods is to over-laminate the label by coating with a clear film of polyester material. By doing this we will protect the label from a number of common problems such as the weather, ultra violet rays, grease and dirt, fingerprints, many known chemicals and even graffiti!

With the protection of the over-laminated surface, barcode labels remain legible, structurally intact and perfectly functional. The label information can’t be scratched off or damaged, so ensuring that it is always readable and remain so for as long as the item to which it is attached .  Other benefits of over-laminated barcode labels and asset tags include reduced glare from light sources and it can also help to keep the label smooth and flat.

Why does an asset label have to tough and durable?

An asset label which is also referred to as an asset tag has to be able to withstand all manner of conditions and these can vary considerably throughout the life of the asset. As we are aware asset labels can be hugely helpful for businesses and organisations, allowing the organisation to keep track of all of property, including valuable items such as computer equipment, furniture and machinery.

The asset label is designed to help deter theft as well as making it easier to keep track of track items if they are lost, misplaced or stolen. This is particularly important if assets are moved around a business or temporary loaned out, they make it easy to keep track of what’s out on loan and when it needs to be back, hire shops are a prime example.

But of course it is important that the asset label is able to withstand harsh conditions and possible rough handling, without this they will be pretty useless. So unless your asset labels are incredibly durable, they will not give you any of the aforementioned benefits. If they can be easily removed, it means that your property can be easily stolen; this is why the property should be fitted with tamper-evident asset labels that are specially designed to break into noticeable pieces when someone tries to remove them.

Durable asset labels are designed to withstand all kinds of environments, such as in freezers where temperatures are very low, or in high temperatures even being moved from one to another. We have a huge variety of materials which we use for creating asset labels, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss the various options and suggest one that is right for your needs.

An easy way to reduce business costs

All businesses want to reduce their operating costs and are constantly striving to find ways to reduce these. However there is one way which does not immediately jump to the forefront of some business operator’s minds and that is using barcodes.

An increasing number of businesses are fixing barcode labels on their assets or equipment in order to keep efficient records and properly track items. The object of fixing barcode labels to assets is to provide details about the items or products whenever this is needed.

By doing this the barcode will provide accurate information due them being programmed to accurately provide this to the operators. The barcode will reduce any chance of human error, which can be very costly and add to a business’s cost. The barcode will also be a tool that will help maintain records in a far better manner than physical record keeping.

Once the barcode is attached to the asset it is very simple to get the information from it and this can be done by even the most junior of staff using a hand held scanner which only has to be placed near the products in order to read the barcode. Barcode asset labels can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes and having products of differing sizes and shapes will not prevent the label being placed on them and easily read afterwards.

By using barcodes on assets, or other business products, these will be easily tracked whenever it is necessary. By eliminating mistakes and human error, this will reduce costs and the business will operate much more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Permanent or void, which do you need?

Much will depend upon the equipment the asset label is to be used on, but most companies will have a use for one or both of them.

Permanent asset labels are designed to be fixed to the particular piece of apparatus and not removed. The adhesive used forms a super strong bond with most surfaces it comes into contact with, and providing to is left for a period or four hours after fixing, the glue will have set and will be virtually impossible to remove, that is without causing damage. By using vinyl instead of paper for this asset label it will be considerably stronger, permanent in fact.

The sort of equipment where you would expect to find this kind of label would be workstations and other computer items such as keyboards, monitors, hard drives and mobile equipment. Normally fixing any kind of label to the plastic on computers can be difficult, but the vinyl asset label will overcome that problem. Naturally these labels can be personalised, perhaps with the company logo, you can if you wish have the latest holographic label for added protection.

The second option is the silver ‘void’ label, perfect for items which it is important to know if anyone has tried to tamper with them. If a person tries to remove this label, the words “VOID” will appear on the surface upon which it is fixed. The secret of this particular asset label is the two stage glue and typically it would be seen on IT equipment, medicine boxes, music systems and tablet computers.

Contact us if you have a requirement for either type of asset label and we will be pleased to discuss these with you.

Three reasons why asset labels can benefit your business

Correctly used by attaching asset labels to equipment and couple these with barcode labels coupled with asset management software, will enable a detailed record to be kept of company equipment and office accessories, for example tags or labels attached to laptops and other valuable office equipment together with business equipment.

The first reason for asset tagging is it will deter thieves it is known that that stolen goods can be recovered at a much faster rate if you use asset labels. Another good reason is that it enables the items to be retrieved more easily as these labels help consumers as well as company employees locate items from where they are stored whenever they are required. This of course means that company times is not wasted by trying to locate the items when needed.

Finally and very importantly it provides proof of ownership, insurance companies are very keen to have all types of equipment visibly marked and asset labels are a good way to do this, often it can be a requirement before insurance cover is provided.

If you believe that asset labels will benefit your company, talk to us and we will guide you through the options including the best material to suit both the conditions it is used in and the type of equipment being tagged.

The necessity of durable labels

Putting a label onto a product is there for a definite purpose, it informs a person what is in the container, so it is pointless if it is going to fall off when faced with certain conditions such as varying temperatures or water for example.

A bottle of shampoo is very likely to be in contact with water and food may well be stored in a freezer for example, these products will have to have label which will withstand these conditions, stay firmly attached to the item and be readable.

Thankfully at Data Label we have a long experience and we can supply labels which will withstand all manner of harsh conditions, still maintaining their distinctive appearance. Now there is no value in taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut, so we will always provide a label that is guaranteed to be adequate for the job and nothing more.

Data Label has an enormous amount of different synthetic label materials available, and we can help you in matching the right material for your requirements, the right adhesive and if necessary protection by over varnish or lacquer. Contact us with your particular requirement and we will be happy to help, email our technical advisors at or call 01293 551520.

Read the label

Particularly important where chemicals are concerned, it is not just scientists that use chemicals; most people use them daily, either in work or at home. Cleaning products such as bleach and oven sprays are chemical and so are paints, inks, glues and oils.

Most of the chemicals you might use at work or at home are not dangerous if you use them properly, but information should be printed on the label not saying what the product is, but advising what to do if something goes wrong, for example accidental spillage. However some chemicals need more careful handling than others. It is here that labels can help identify the more hazardous chemicals, tell you what the dangers are, and how to avoid them. So what should appear on a chemical label? We imagine that most people are aware of the symbols that warn of hazards and appear on most, if not all, chemical labels, these illustrate potential dangers.


These symbols help us to know that the chemicals we are using might be explosive, oxidising, highly or extremely flammable, (very) toxic, harmful, irritant, corrosive, or dangerous for the environment. One or more might appear on a single chemical.

If you are considering a label for a chemical product, we will be happy to discuss the Health and Safety Executive requirements.

Eye Catching Labels

We have the capability of producing labels of any size that you wish and we can match a custom label with any printed information, including corporate logos and product brands, in full colour print and Pantone colour matching available printed using HP Indigo digital print technology with specialty topcoats and finishes.

Here at Data Label we have a huge range of cutters well over 5,000 that we feel sure will suit your requirements. Whether you want shapes which are square, circular and oval and we are sure that one of these will meet your requirement, if not we can for a small charge order an exact size. Naturally by using the latest digital manufacturing technologies, Data Label will produce custom labels that are sure to meet even the most demanding of labelling requirements.

We can supply a label from a full range of materials including papers and synthetics, formulated for thermal transfer, direct thermal, laser or inkjet printing. Adhesive are an important part of any label and if we know what environment the label is likely to be used in, the way that it is transported and stored, we can offer an adhesive which will ensure that the label remains firmly adhered to the product.

Data label manufacturing has all the capabilities to produce designs and innovative custom labels for a wide variety of applications, so contact us and we will be happy to advise you of the best and most cost effective label, together with samples and a quotation completely without any obligation.

Asset tags that will survive all conditions

Naturally you will want all your expensive equipment to have asset tags on them, this way all your modern high-tech electrical equipment and valuable machinery can be enabled for you to track them constantly as well as render them ‘thief-proof’.

No longer is it necessary to maintain huge log files for all the equipment you own, you can simply have all the information labelled with a barcode. Whenever required, the information can be scanned using a scanner but naturally the labels will have to be intact and readable by the scanner.

For heavy industrial equipment we would suggest that you use a tough metallic labels which can survive harsh conditions such as exposure to corrosive chemicals and intense heat. The information is securely sealed within, because it is sealed within aluminium and protective anodising keeping it functioning for years against harsh conditions such as heat, cold and physical damage.

For equipment that is used outside, or exposed to moisture, we would recommend that steel labels are used. These are anti-corrosive and can withstand harsh weather. Steel labels should also be always used in the food and catering industry where metal corrosion can spell disaster as a food contaminant. Heat does not present a problem either as they can be super-fused onto a stainless steel surface surviving temperatures of up to a thousand degrees.

We have a solution for asset tags no matter what the conditions are that it is likely to encounter, call us and we will be happy to discuss with you the asset tag that is right for you.

Talk to us if you are considering QR Codes on labels

There are many ways in which a QR code can help to promote your business, they can be used to direct the customer to your website, inform about the product and how to use it, cooking times as an example for a food product for instance, or about the company or product service advice are just a few of the many things a QR code can be helpful.

We can add a QR code to your label and we will be happy to talk to you if you are considering using QR codes as a marketing strategy as there are some important things that you should be aware of before you order pre-printed QR code labels. The most important thing, just like a barcode, it has to be readable, but particularly by a customer’s smartphone. It is the little black squares, which make up the image which has to be scanned, and precise printing and a clear image ensure that this is possible.

QR codes are designed to make life easier and to provide customers with a quick method of accessing information about your company or product. There are numerous ways in which you can use your QR codes and we will be happy to help. Simply let us know your idea and we can put it on a custom label, just for you, contact us for a free quote on QR code friendly labels.

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