QR Codes Not Barcodes

Although it does not look anything like a barcode, it works in a very similar way because it has information stored in the combination and pattern of the dots within the square. The main use of them today is to store the URL’s of the company or product and this can be read by most of the mobile phones that are on sale today.

Naturally the company’s marketing department is overjoyed by the introduction of QR codes on company products’ as the camera on the smartphone will scan this and can often open the user directly to the app store, depending upon however the producer wishes this to operate. Most companies decide that the user is directed to the URL and then the website of that company can be accessed which means that the full range of products and other serviced can be seen. However, QR codes can display information such as a telephone neumber, or it can compose a text message, even an email is possible.

QR codes are now found just about everywhere and when you are ordering labels that have barcodes on them, adding a QR codes is going to give an advantage over competitors that do not include them on their labels.

There is more than one type of barcode label

We are all familiar with the barcode label that we see on the products that we buy at the supermarket used when scanning at the checkout, but that is only one, although very important use for the barcode label.

They can be used in the warehouse at the back of the store to locate an item and normally they will be stuck onto the shelving or racks and we would suggest a durable adhesive. Reflective barcode labels are useful and we would print these in a larger font which makes it easier to read these at a distance or high up on racking, normally you would need these to be manufactured using metal and then they can be hung to demonstrate where items are.

Still in a warehouse environment, barcodes can be used to indicate an area on the warehouse floor, made of aluminium or steel, will ensure that they can stand up to the rigours of traffic such as fork lift trucks.

Transporting pallets around the country or even in a warehouse is made so much easier by having a barcode attached. They can be made for you in most materials but we would recommend that they be of metal, polypropylene, or polyester to ensure that they stand up to the rigours of transportation.

Asset label Guidance

The use of labels to mark assets is not something that has just happened but it is now a very important tool for any business or organisation. Assets need to be marked for a variety of reasons, importantly to ensure that they can be identified in case of loss or theft, but they can also be used to ensure that they are included into the company’s finances.

The first thing is knowing just where to put the asset label onto the item. This needs to be where it is in view or accessible to be scanned. It is very important to ensure that the surface of the chosen area is clean and free from grease, dirt and cleaning agents. The label should be tamper resistant and applied to the item leaving sufficient time for the adhesive to fully cure, usually less than 48 hours.

You need not tag every single thing in a business of course, perhaps only those items which need protection or are a genuine financial assets to the company or organisation. Without question asset tags are a deterrent to petty theft and items can usually be tagged in such a way that any attempt at removal of the tag will make it very apparent that the item is stolen.

First and foremost in most businesses, the asset tag is a theft deterrent, but it also plays an important role in the warehouse too. These are invaluable aids when it comes to taking stock and tracking just where the assets are at all times. Asset tags ensure that you can literally keep tabs on where you items are and ensure that they do not go missing. They also make it easier to trace if it does. Naturally you will need the right sort of tag and this will depend to a large extent on where your stock is held. Outdoor storage will require a tag which is suitable for that environment, indoor a different one. We will be happy to discuss which of our many asset tags would be suitable for you and also give you a quotation for their production and delivery to you.

Clear labels

Sometimes there are occasions when a clear label with the information and barcode printed onto it are exactly what a product needs. Many items of food and drink are packed in bottles, jars or similar glass containers allowing the product to be clearly seen.

In cases such as this a clear label can be an advantage and it can also attract a potential customer to the product giving an advantage over the competition. The labels can be supplied completely clear or they can be delicately shaded to give an enhanced effect. The labels can have all the information that you need such as your logo, storage or usage instructions or barcodes, in fact personalised in any way. We also offer small to medium runs, useful if this is a new product and is being trialled in selected areas.

With our digital label printing, this process is ideal for use on clear or transparent labels and you can be assured that the printing with be of the highest possible standard. The label itself can be supplied in a range of materials to suit you and the appearance of the “no label” look of your product would suit polypropylene, polyester or polyethylene. We will be happy to discuss what can be achieved in a transparent or clear label.

The many uses of asset tagging

The barcoding system has revolutionised the way we run today’s business and because employees in a busy supermarket or warehouse need to perfume regular checks on inventory and other items in the organisation.

I retailing for example, keeping just the right amount of stock is paramount, too little can cause problems with customers, too much and having valuable cash tied up by overstocking is poor business. By using asset labels you can keep an accurate eye on stock levels and ensure this is at optimum levels.

It is essential that every stock item has individual coding and in this way staff and managers can ensure that the records are updated and accurate. By applying asset tags to every inventory item you will greatly simplify the way that inventory checks are performed and make the task easier and importantly accurate. By these regular checks it will help to identify losses and also it will enable preventative measures to be implemented and increase profitability.

We can supply asset tags in a number of different designs as well as various sizes, customising the tag or putting the company logo on does not present a problem. The use of barcodes on these tags is a sensible and productive way to ensure efficient and business like inventory management

Car Stickers = Cheap Advertising

With pressure being put on budgets and money for advertising having to be watched carefully, finding a cost effective way to advertise your company can be challenging. One way and without question cost effective, is to use car stickers which are seen by thousands daily as we commute to work, or walk through the streets in our towns or supermarket car parks.

Using vinyl car window stickers ensures that they are long lasting and will not begin to look jaded after a few days or weeks. The car sticker can be put on the inside or outside of the car window, they can be also used in shop windows and even on boats and they will not fade or look ragged at the edges.

Car stickers can be supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes, the range of colours and style of printing will not present a problem. The car sticker can be used numerous times simply peel it off and fix it in another situation, achieved by supplying the vinyl label as self cling, or with a peelable adhesive. Or we can make them permanent so that they will always remain in the place you pick for them.

Regarding numbers, you can start with just a hundred, or for a big nationwide campaign we can easily supply you with several thousand. The most cost effective way to supply car stickers is on a roll, but we will be happy to supply them on sheets or as single pieces. Just give us a call and we will be happy to go through all the options with you.

Protecting Your Barcodes

Having a barcode label on a product, equipment or freezer pack is of little or no value if it cannot be read by the barcode scanner. Of course it all depends upon how the item is stored, transported or the use to which it is put.

We are able to supply barcode labels which will withstand extreme heat and cold, all manner of outdoor environment such as wet, the exposure to mild or moderate chemicals which are hazardous, or even to surface damage or abrasions.

We can design and supply barcode labels that will remain both intact, but importantly still be readable by the scanner and functional even if subjected to these conditions. We can in the process of manufacture over-laminate them, or we can coat them with other kinds of substance that will ensure that they remain completely functional. In certain conditions we would recommend that that are made from special material such as super durable vinyl.

They can also be made to withstand extreme temperatures; cryogenic labels will withstand temperatures as low as minus 196 degrees centigrade, flexible labels that will be perfectly functional at between minus 40 centigrade up to plus 150 centigrade.

Just as long as we know what conditions the label is likely to encounter, we will make our recommendations, it is no use supplying a standard label to you if there is a possibility of extremes being encountered at some time, they will probably fade or even could disintegrate, which could be frustrating to staff and possibly costly.


Freezer Labels

Whilst we have all become used to seeing smartly package food that is made and sold commercially by the big manufacturers, there are many smaller companies that grow bespoke products and pack them in polythene and attach a label with the product information on the pack. The labels that are used have to withstand the same conditions and handling just in the same way that all the large commercial producer needs.

In the same way these smaller companies need printed labels which will withstand the temperatures that are to be experienced in the commercial and household freezer. The most important requirement for this kind of label is the adhesive and we would recommend that a strong 3M acrylic adhesive is used which can in fact, stand up to temperatures as low as minus 196 degrees centigrade and that is cold!

A vinyl label is the ideal medium which we would use to produce this kind of label and normally the print or graphics is applied and then a thin film of adhesive is applied, the print can be protected with a gloss finish and this also helps to protect the print and the label from the moisture that is present in a freezer.

Keeping your warehouse slick and efficient

The use of barcodes and special labelling can make your warehouse very efficient and also a place, where everything has a place and you know just where to find it. Even if oyur business is to handle many different products, it is not difficult to utilise many kinds of label for these products.

Examples of this are labels which are designed to be read at a distance, high on shelving perhaps, and these kinds of label are what we call reflective labels and they are made from metal, larger than a standard label.

Floor labels to indicate where stock should be placed, naturally have to stand up to the rigours of warehouse traffic which need extra strong adhesives and are normally made from aluminium or even steel

Labels which are attached to pallets are common place, but they are vital for identifying items within the pallet or crate and can have destinations added if needed. Again these would be made from metal to withstand wear and tear in transit or on the warehouse floor.

Shelving in a warehouse to be efficient and helpful to operatives will have location labels stuck to the shelf and will have what is known as a pre-programmed code, the purpose of which is to identify and locate the particular items. These codes are usually known only to the warehouse manager and are printed using thermal transfer. The barcode is given an alphanumeric code and this is set in accordance with instruction from the owner, or tenant, of the warehouse.

What does a customised label say for your business

First and foremost it identifies your business and your product; it singles you out from the others, even if you are all selling a similar item. You have gone to great lengths to produce a product which is better than your competitors and your customers like it. When they want to buy it again, they want to immediately recognise it; it has to stand out from the crowd.

To make your customised label instantly recognisable can be done in a variety of ways. The shape is one way to customise your label; we have over 5,000 stock cutters from which you can choose, or to make your label entirely unique you can for a small charge order a cutter that will meet the shape you prefer.

Colours are an important way to differentiate your product form the competition, we offer full HP digital print technology and we can print Pantone matching colours if you prefer. The labels can be supplied in paper, polypropylene or polyester materials, we will work with your designs which can be produced from your studio or we will help you from information given to us verbally. Artwork is always submitted for approval before any labels are printed.

We can supply a small run or if you want to keep cost down, after approval we can supply in bulk. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your particular ideas for a custom label.

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