Readable barcodes

If a barcode cannot be read when scanned, there is little point in adding it to a product. Naturally the numbers on the barcode can be punched into the cash register or computer, but this is completely defeating the object!

This is why good quality printing is vital, if the code is in any way not sharp and clear then problems can arise. Many advocate that barcodes should be in black and white, yes it can make them easier to read, but there is nothing wrong with colour providing it is well printed.

At Data Label, we take great pride in our colour printing and are able to satisfy the most exacting standards that are demanded by a company’s design team. This can be achieved in one of two ways ether through the four primary colours using our digital printing or Pantone matching.

If you would like a quotation for barcode or other label printing, we are confident that by using our HP Indigo digital print technology, you will have no problems with your labels. We can accommodate short or long runs for all your colour labels, perfect colour matching, materials to suit the product and the destination and transportation environment where the product will be used and sold, in a size to suit.

Barcode or QR

The quick response or “QR” code is being seen on more advertisements, leaflets, in fact just about everywhere, so is the QR replacing the barcode? Well the simple answer to that is no, this is because essentially it does a different job to the barcode, although they can both be read by optical devices.

With the rise of the “smartphone” and hand held tablet computers such as the iPad, the QR code has increased its presence many times over. The modern smartphone is capable of “reading” the small square box as long as it has the reader application can scan the image of the QR code to display text, contact information, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the phone’s browser. Increasingly retailers are employing this new technology which allows customers to scan the code often this is done when at home.

Many customers are now adding a QR code to their barcodes, this gives them the best of both worlds, the barcode does its job and the QR code can get to work when the customer is at home or back in the office. This will display to display text, contact information, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the phone’s browser.

We will be pleased to discuss with you adding a QR code to your labels, we have fully flexible printing options for your QR Coded labels, using the latest printing processes.

The value of a self adhesive label

There are many values to self adhesive labels, they are certainly easy to use and can be supplied on handy rolls which makes them easy to handle and to keep tidy ready for use at any time. Customised self adhesive labels can be supplied in a huge variety of sizes and shapes, with over 5,000 cutters in stock we feel certain that we will be able to match any size or shape of label that you need.

The self adhesive labels can be from your own design; alternatively we can supply artwork for your approval provided we have an idea of any wording or other items such as a company logo that you may wish included. The self adhesive label can be single, two colours or any combination and we have the capability of matching Pantones, RAL or other colour schemes using the very latest HP indigo machines brilliantly digitally printed for the best self adhesive labels available.

We are capable of supplying a small quantity of self adhesive labels or a large run, naturally the longer run the more cost effective the self adhesive label becomes. If you are going to need self adhesive labels, or you are contemplating a new product launch, contact us and we will be only too pleased to discuss the options that are available to you.

Create an identity with your custom label

The label on a product or merchandise can give your customers, or potential customers, a lot of information about you and your company as well as the item itself. With the label you are in fact creating an identity and it is this that purchasers look for whether this is on a supermarket shelf, shop window or in a warehouse.

Well designed custom labels can attract the attention of consumers and business prospects, and help identify similar products or products from the same category. Custom labels are also available in many different varieties, the shape and size of these labels can be altered in a way that can be associated with your company, along with house colours and the company logo incorporated.

Your customised label can be used to carry important information, instructions for use and safety advice if needed. They may also have sell by dates, best before or use by information, or possibly expiry dates. Naturally a custom label can be ordered in any quantity, large or bulk quantities will cost less per label than a smaller run and be a very cost effective way of creating a lasting identity. Your custom label will quickly outweigh the initial costs.

Keeping your computer equipment safely tagged

Although computer equipment prices have fallen in relative terms over the last few years, this and other technical equipment is still a valuable asset to an individual or company. Another important aspect of high tech equipment is that many of these are on contract and this can include maintenance and servicing. Obviously if the equipment has been interfered with or an attempt has been made to open it, this can almost certainly jeopardise the agreement and could mean a cost is imposed. Also in the case of equipment warranties, these would almost certainly become null and void if the item is interfered with by a third party.

Two ways in which your equipment can be secured and made evident if tampered with is by the use of either of our security labels. Our tamper evident labels will break into pieces when removed from a device, and they are normally placed over the seam of the device and if this opened or an attempt to open it is made, then the label will break. Another option is a void label and this differs as it will show the word void if it is removed, clearly showing that an attempt ahs been made to interfere with it.

Custom labels

We believe that a custom label is probably the best way in which you can successfully engage in a marketing campaign. It is believed in marketing circles that images portray far better than words and an eye catching image is more likely to be remembered by the person who see it.

Naturally the striking image has to be supported by good print and this is where highly rated digital printing comes into its own. When we digitally print our custom labels, they add high quality to the product, high quality is always assured all of course at very low prices, we feel sure that they will increase your customer numbers.

There are a number of options from which you can choose, dependent upon your budget; if your budget is tight then our affordable labels should fall within your budget requirement. On the other hand, the security sign custom label is the one that are certain to grab the attention of potential customers.

We are able to supply a number of digitally printed custom labels, we will be happy to help with which ones are most suitable for you

Asset Tags & Barcodes

The modern way to take stock or to make an inventory check is through barcoding and asset tagging, this way your team will not have to rely on hand written records which can be difficult to read or mistakes easily made through human error.

This can lead to all sorts of unnecessary problems, accounting, business efficiency and even productivity by having to double check everything to ensure that it is correct. It may also affect customer relations too, if queries cannot be answered quickly and importantly, correctly; swift and accurate answers to customers’ enquiries are excellent for good relationships.

The answer to a modern inventory check, stock take and to avoid the human error factor is to attach barcode labels to all of your merchandise and stock. This way each and every item can be quickly and efficiently identified and accounted for by a quick pass with a barcode scanner. Your staff will be able to take stock and inventory checks much more accurately and quickly, allowing them to get onto other important work. You can use asset tags in a similar way, to label and keep track of all of your company’s possessions, tools and equipment.

Tough & Durable Barcode Labels

It is of little value to you or to your customer if the nice neat barcode label you have added to a product becomes unreadable or beginning to look a little worse for wear after a few short weeks or days. If your product is going into a standard retail environment such as a shop or supermarket, it may not have to be made of anything but a standard paper; it will normally be in controlled conditions.

However, barcode labels are also needed for businesses where the product could be going into extreme hot or cold environments, or it could possibly be spending part or all of its time outdoors for any length of time, near or exposed to chemicals something different will be required.

We have been supplying labels that are fully developed and are tough and strong enough to be able to withstand just about anything that is thrown at it. As well as manufacturing a label from the right sort of material, we van supply over laminated labels which will withstand the heat or the clod and even adverse weather such as rain or sleet. The adhesive is all important and we have a range of specialist adhesives designed to meet just about anything with losing their adhesion.

Contact us any let us know what kind of condition your product is likely to encounter and we will advise the best barcode label for you.

The value of asset labels

Our asset labels cannot be easily copied and this makes them particularly useful when they are used in places where tracking of a company’s assets is required. For example, the many parts used in a computer, memory cards, office equipment, in fact anything that you may want to keep track of.

Which kind of asset label will be best for your application will depend upon the items to be tracked, for example our standard paper barcode labels may not work for every type of product or equipment; you might need something a little more robust. Metal could be the ones which are best, they are difficult or nearly impossible to tamper with or removed easily. The information engraved upon them and is not affected by wear and tear. Also the information on metal tags is always readable whatever the temperatures or climatic conditions are thrown at it.

However for items such as food items or other perishables, a reflective label is best as they will respond easily to optical reading devices. Foil labels on the other hand are used extensively in the business world and these labels can be found and used in the tracking and movement of raw materials.

We will be happy to discuss the best options for your particular company products or equipment and we will give a quotation for the manufacturing and supply of these asset labels.

Let our vinyl stickers do your work

When you put one of our vinyl stickers onto a car screen, laptop, boat or window, they will be there no matter what the weather, still looking as cool as ever and advertising your event, product or appeal, twenty four hours a day seven days a week. You can choose glossy matt or even clear in you wish and these high quality transparent vinyl stickers can be really effective.

We are happy to use your own artwork for the vinyl stickers we prefer files to be sent to us by email, but artwork on a disc can be used. However we will be happy to provide the artwork from our fully equipped studio using the latest computers, and naturally we can also produce colour proofs on our inkjet printer, for a small charge we will if you prefer, provide you with a proof from our production print press.

Naturally we believe our vinyl stickers are the best to be found, we use high quality printing on our HP indigo equipment, we can provide superb colour including pantone colour matching, we offer varnished or laminated to protect the print, have thousands of stock sizes from which to choose, all ready for despatch to you in just a few days.

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