Over laminated barcode labels for extra protection

It is not always necessary to over laminate a label, but in certain circumstances it can be a tremendous benefit and save time and money for a company. In the time when the barcode was first introduced these labels were only available in a paper format, the result was that they could and often did disintegrate to the point that they became unreadable.

So the industry began to seek out new ways to manufacture barcode labels to make them more durable and longer lasting. One of the ways that they came up with was over lamination, this is a process which provides a coating of a clear polyester material over the label and protects the label from adverse weather conditions, harmful UV rays, heavy soiling from grease and dirt and many chemicals, as well as moderate abrasion, guaranteeing extra durability.

Because an over-laminated barcode label is protected from the rigours of a harsh environment, the label can remain fully functional and the barcode itself can be always read by the barcode reader. In addition to these benefits, the process also helps to reduce glare and this is important as it makes the barcode more easily readable by the barcode scanning device. The over lamination process also helps to keep the barcode label flat and smooth, this also is of great benefit when scanning and makes reading the code by the scanning device easy.

If you think that your barcodes could benefit from an over lamination process, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss this with you and let you have a quotation for the extra process.

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