There is more than one type of barcode label

We are all familiar with the barcode label that we see on the products that we buy at the supermarket used when scanning at the checkout, but that is only one, although very important use for the barcode label.

They can be used in the warehouse at the back of the store to locate an item and normally they will be stuck onto the shelving or racks and we would suggest a durable adhesive. Reflective barcode labels are useful and we would print these in a larger font which makes it easier to read these at a distance or high up on racking, normally you would need these to be manufactured using metal and then they can be hung to demonstrate where items are.

Still, in a warehouse environment, barcodes can be used to indicate an area on the warehouse floor, made of aluminium or steel, which will ensure that they can stand up to the rigours of traffic such as forklift trucks.

Transporting pallets around the country or even in a warehouse is made so much easier by having a barcode attached. They can be made for you in most materials but we would recommend that they be of metal, polypropylene, or polyester to ensure that they stand up to the rigours of transportation.

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