Keeping your warehouse slick and efficient

The use of barcodes and special labelling can make your warehouse very efficient and also a place, where everything has a place and you know just where to find it. Even if your business is to handle many different products, it is not difficult to utilise many kinds of label for these products.

Examples of this are labels which are designed to be read at a distance, high on shelving perhaps, and these kinds of labels are what we call reflective labels and they are made from metal, larger than a standard label.

Floor labels to indicate where the stock should be placed, naturally have to stand up to the rigours of warehouse traffic which need extra-strong adhesives and are normally made from aluminium or even steel

Labels which are attached to pallets are common place, but they are vital for identifying items within the pallet or crate and can have destinations added if needed. Again these would be made from metal to withstand wear and tear in transit or on the warehouse floor.

Shelving in a warehouse to be efficient and helpful to operatives will have location labels stuck to the shelf and will have what is known as a pre-programmed code, the purpose of which is to identify and locate the particular items. These codes are usually known only to the warehouse manager and are printed using thermal transfer. The barcode is given an alphanumeric code and this is set in accordance with instructions from the owner, or tenant, of the warehouse.

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