Keeping your computer equipment safely tagged

Although computer equipment prices have fallen in relative terms over the last few years, this and other technical equipment is still a valuable asset to an individual or company. Another important aspect of high tech equipment is that many of these are on contract and this can include maintenance and servicing. Obviously if the equipment has been interfered with or an attempt has been made to open it, this can almost certainly jeopardise the agreement and could mean a cost is imposed. Also in the case of equipment warranties, these would almost certainly become null and void if the item is interfered with by a third party.

Two ways in which your equipment can be secured and made evident if tampered with is by the use of either of our security labels. Our tamper evident labels will break into pieces when removed from a device, and they are normally placed over the seam of the device and if this opened or an attempt to open it is made, then the label will break. Another option is a void label and this differs as it will show the word void if it is removed, clearly showing that an attempt ahs been made to interfere with it.

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