Importance Of Labels

We have seen how the trials that took place in Bristol have saved both the NHS as well as the care sector money by ensuring that through a barcoding validation system, not only the correct medication is given but it is to the right person.

The system is also being implemented in some hospitals, which ensures that the nurses who are giving the medication and are responsible for this, are giving correct dose of the medicine to correct patient at the correct time. By using barcode technology, patient safety is improved.

It is possible to take this a stage further by the barcodes being generated at the dispensing pharmacy and then checked into the hospital ward, or care home, when any discrepancies can be found. Already barcode label technology is in wide use through the wristband on the patient and this will not only confirm their identity, but can indicate the medications that they have to receive.

The barcode technology system is expected to not only protect patients, but also save the NHS money.

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