Imagine a world without barcodes

We can’t imagine it and when you consider that for a huge number of people they will not have lived without them, simply because the barcode first appeared in 1952 in America and although it was slow to take off, by the early 80’s it was beginning to be commonplace.

For many of us the barcode is just something that tells the cashier at the checkout the price of the item that has been scanned through a barcode reader, but it does a lot more than that. For example the purchasing office will be able to see the current stock levels of each item scanned and re-order as necessary to make sure the shelves are kept stocked. This enables the business to keep stock to a minimum, today this is often referred to as “just in time”. No longer does the shopkeeper or manufacturers have to keep expensive items in stock, it also reduces the need for large warehousing facilities; just sufficient room until the next delivery truck brings in the newly ordered supplies.

We can offer barcode labels printed on a variety of materials which can include paper, vinyl, metal and plastic. The barcode is attached to the product and naturally requires an adhesive which is suitable for the environment and conditions that product is expected to meet, for example, changes in temperature or have to withstand extremes of cold or be in contact with moisture

Printing for a barcode has to be of a quality that will enable the code to be “read” by the barcode reader, something which caused some problems in the early days when universal barcodes evolved. We are pleased that with our modern digital printing process, our printed barcodes present no problem for the barcode reader.

We can see that the use of barcodes can make a business more efficient, cost effective and keep prices low, whilst enabling overheads in staff, stock levels and storage to be kept to a minimum. So if you are considering using barcoding for the first time, or at the point where a new supply is needed, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss the numerous options that are available, also let you have a free quotation and samples of our barcodes if required.

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