Field based staff need asset tracking

Historically companies would have the majority of employees working within a central office. This set up meant that all the employees could be provided with equipment that was easy to track, and maintain. However, with the increasing overheads involved in keeping a central office, more and more employers are deciding to have a team of field based staff working in their own homes.

There are many advantages to having a field based team, in addition to cost saving, but one of the disadvantages is the challenge of tracking the company’s properties in remote locations. One of the possible solutions is the use of asset labels.

Asset labels can be used to ensure that all the equipment that you provide to your field based staff is suitably labelled and protected. You can use them to track which individuals have been given each items of equipment and to help you log them out and back in again. This can help minimise the potential loss a company might make due to misplaced or stolen property.

The value of a company’s assets is important to maintain, and the use of asset labels ensures that equipment is suitable distributed and can easily be recalled if required.

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