Electronic Article Surveillance

Theft in the retail industry cost billions of pounds and ultimately it matters to us all. The retailer is not just going to shrug his shoulders as though nothing has happened and stand the loss out of the profits, no it means that all of us who shop must bear the cost of this theft by increased charges.

Security tags are now widely accepted in industry generally, but increasingly in the retail sector. These tags which incorporate sensors are weapons which many retailers incorporate on their goods that trigger an alert when someone tries to remove the item from a store without paying.

These security tags are known as Electronic Article Surveillance of EAS tags which help the industry in combating and deterring theft. The tags themselves can come in a variety of forms, for example, hard tags, magnetic or soft tags, any of these can be fixed to the goods that are displayed.

The sensor element in the tag is deactivated when the shopper pays for the goods at the cash point, if it is not deactivated alarms are sounded should the thief try to exit the shop. Shoplifting or stealing from shops is still a major cost to the retailer and subsequently ourselves and these security tags help to deter this theft.

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