Some different uses for security labels

We are all security conscious when it comes to our own personal property and the same can be said for important business property, it is after all a company asset and the location of the asset has to be known. It has been know for assets to “disappear” or it may be that they gave been misplaced or even stole. For this reason companies now using security labels to keep a check on their assets.

Security labels are commonly seen on goods that are being transported when it is essential that those items are safe and secure from being interfered with and in these instances, security tags can be used. These tags have security codes which should never be given out to a third party; an example of where a security tag may be often seen is lockers that are used in banks.

Although the most common security tag is manufactured from plastic, but increasingly the use of metal and fibre are being used. Another place where we all will have come across a security tag is in a clothing store where they are attached to the garment to prevent shoplifting, book retailers also have security tags on their books which are disabled when the item is purchased. If you would like to find out more about security tags and asset tags, contact us and we will be only too pleased to discuss the number of options that are available.

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