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Labelling and Identification

A business cannot be efficient and is on the road to failure if it has no idea what stock it has, what is in the inventory, the value of its assets. Today, this is where modern labelling in the form of an effective barcode-based data collection, asset management, workflow management, work-in-process, and supply chain or inventory management system is how a modern business would operate.
However, it is vital that each item is properly labelled; otherwise the effectiveness of the system is likely to be unreliable. Getting advice on how products and assets are best labelled is normally down to the expertise of specialist companies, they will be able to help with labelling and identification solutions. This would include barcode label design and printing, asset labelling and tagging, mobile label printing, to name a few.

Two types of warehouse labels

Barcode labels are being used with increasing frequency in industry in consumable tracking and processing. The current economic crisis has seen us all tighten our belts over the last year or two, so it comes as no surprise that industry needs to keep a greater track of the products it uses to increase business efficiencies.

Container labels

Using custom security labels and barcode labels

The use of barcode labels on a variety of products has increased exponentially over the last few years. We now take this simple coding strip for granted and rely on it just about every day.

Just as barcode labels have had a huge impact on the market, custom labels are also now furrowing their passage into our lives.

Using custom barcode labels

Durable warehouse labels

In an environment where dirt, dust and grime can just about render most things unusable, you need some sort of labelling method which won’t be hindered by its surroundings.

Many warehouses have environments in which most labelling products simply aren’t up to the job. Labels fall off, stock is misplaced and labels are easily damaged. To stop this from happening and so you can keep a definitive check on what materials you have in stock, you need to use a label which will adhere permanently to the pallet and last as long as the pallet does.

Custom labels – what are your options?

There are many different types of barcode labels and asset tags available, in a range of different materials, sizes and styles. Some are more hardwearing and durable, whilst others have tamper-proof qualities.

All of these options mean that business owners can usually find something to suit their needs. However, if you have more specific needs in terms of barcode labels and asset tags, you may want to go for a more customised solution.

Different types of digitally printed custom labels

It is often said, an image is worth a thousand words. A top quality image not only helps arrest attention but is more easily remembered by the person. A good quality image is determined by a good print. This is the exact same quality one seeks while designing custom labels, too.

What are the different types of custom labels and how will they boost your marketing campaign?

Custom labels – a simple and effective marketing tool

No matter what type of organization you work for, marketing is an important exercise. With competitiveness at its peak every organisation needs to devise new ways of attracting attention. Even an established brand needs to constantly market and promote itself to keep up with others in the industry.

How can you use custom labels as part of a marketing strategy?

For those with a limited marketing budget, smaller things matter a lot. Custom labels are a good example of this.

The economic benefits of opting for custom labels

The use of custom labels on various valuable items and inventory belonging to a company is not uncommon. There are many benefits involved in the use of custom labels. This guide will mention some of the common ones.

Why opt for custom labels?

The term ‘economic benefit’ is usually associated with net income, cash flow and the revenue of your company. Economic benefits are considered to be a long term goal when it comes to running a business.

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