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Digitally printed custom labels

Printing has come a long way and today there can be little excuse for a for quality printed label, indeed it is an old saying but it still holds good today, an image is worth a thousand words. To get that quality image it is necessary to have good print and it is just the same when designing the label.

How QR Codes can benefit your business

We are fairly sure that you will have seen how the QR code is being seen more and more on packaging and labels, there is a very good reason. This code is a form of barcode, but instead of the series of lines, the QR code encodes data in the vertical plane as well as the horizontal plane. Although its first appearance was in the Japanese automotive industry, business soon saw how this new code could play an important part in promoting and marketing their products.

Custom security and barcode labels

We are used to seeing barcode labels on just about every product; their use has grown to unprecedented heights. We now take this simple series of lines for granted and we have come to rely on it, particularly in business.

Just as barcode labels have had a huge impact on the market; custom labels are also now starting to make an impact into business lives. We have seen how custom barcode labels can and do provide the label with the all important brand identity, this has, over a period of time, lifted the humble barcode from being a functional item to one which is sending out a marketing message.

Using customised labels to create a product identity

One thing that is sure to that your product is noticed by customers and that is by using an attractive and well designed customised label. This will create awareness, the most important thing when establishing a brand identity.

Well customised and designed labels are going to be noticed by customers. This is sure to increase the sales for your company ensure that your company profile is at the forefront. With our custom label service we can create the exact label you require, tailored to your needs, specification and run size.

Perfecting Your Labels

Labels are everywhere that you look, they can be seen on food items, clothing, parcels we receive, they importantly identify a product or relay information of some description. This is when a custom label becomes an important part of your company’s image, the size, shape colour, logo printing, all vital elements on a label.

Create an identity with your custom label

The label on a product or merchandise can give your customers, or potential customers, a lot of information about you and your company as well as the item itself. With the label you are in fact creating an identity and it is this that purchasers look for whether this is on a supermarket shelf, shop window or in a warehouse.

The growing popularity of vinyl labels

An increasing number of products are now seem with a vinyl sticker attached to them, this is partly due to their durability, but also they are an attractive alternative to the time served and ease of using paper.

Vinyl labels are ideal for wine bottle, security labels, may pharmaceutical products now have vinyl labels to indicate the product, its uses and recommended dosage. Freezer packs are now using them almost exclusively, again because of their durability and long life, resistance to moisture supplied with a matt or high gloss film for added protection.

What does a customised label say for your business

First and foremost it identifies your business and your product; it singles you out from the others, even if you are all selling a similar item. You have gone to great lengths to produce a product which is better than your competitors and your customers like it. When they want to buy it again, they want to immediately recognise it; it has to stand out from the crowd.