Benefits of asset labels and barcode labels

Asset labels are now used the world over to keep track of inventory or stock. And when used alongside barcode labels this dynamic duo are a match to be reckoned with in terms of the efficiency and labour saving benefits they provide.

Item tracking

One of the main benefits which asset labels and barcode labels provide is tracking of goods. If an item has an asset label attached it can be tracked easily using computer software. The asset label is simply attached to the item and then can be read whenever needed either by a barcode scanner or manually and information about the item can be updated. Parcel delivery companies use barcodes to track their items so that the item’s journey can be monitored. This aids estimated delivery time and improves customer relations.

Easy collection of data

Instead of relying on a person to manually record data of each item in turn, a barcode system allows data to be collected easily by simply scanning the barcode label which is attached to the product.

Time saving

Manual stock taking procedures are tiresome and can take a lot of time to complete. However if you scan items with a barcode scanner which have a label affixed stock taking becomes instantly easier and the time taken to perform a complete stock take can be dramatically reduced.

Reduction in misplaced items

Items which don’t have an asset label or a barcode label attached are prone to getting lost or being misplaced. However if the item has a label attached it is instantly recognisable to whom the item belongs so the chances of it being lost or stolen are reduced.

Error reduction

When performing a stock take manually, recording errors are an inevitable part of the process. However when a stock take is completed using a barcode scanner the information is automatically generated when the label is scanned and updated on a computer program.

Security benefits

Asset labels and barcode labels can also be manufactured in types which don’t peel off easily or which break up into tiny parts if the label is tampered with. This can be a boon for businesses who want to protect their expensive computer equipment. In these situations the labels might be used as a seal on a laptop computer so the manufacturer knows if the computer case has been opened by persons unknown.

Ownership of goods

If a permanent asset label is fixed onto an item the label cannot be peeled off, so it acts as a permanent reminder of the item’s ownership. This can work well in situations where the items or goods may be hired to a member of the public or on large sites which have a huge number of items on site which may belong to different companies.

Just by looking at the examples above it’s plain to see that asset labels and barcode labels can play a major part in every business sphere. Why not take a look at what they can do for your business and reap some of their many rewards?

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