Barcodes are not just about product pricing

Yes, product pricing is a vital function of a barcode; it enables goods presented to a cashier, or at the checkout, to accurately display the price of the item, this ensures that the products are labelled with price and product information and this in turn reduces labour costs. Prices and details can be changed on the main system without the need for relabelling items, is one example of cost saving.

The barcode has other important functions which helps business to run efficiently, for example for businesses that ships out goods to individuals or perhaps to other companies, the barcode can be used to accurately track the progress of shipments. This means that it is possible to check on items which may have been reported missing, delayed and as proof of delivery.

Similarly, document tracking between departments or other companies is another use for the barcode, you can mark documents with barcode labels to ensure they are properly filed, sent and received on time.

Stock and inventory control are vital operations in any well run business and by using barcodes it will make his task simpler and easier, it also ensures accuracy. Using barcodes labels for inventory and stock taking ensures that mistakes which can occur through human error are drastically reduced, or even eliminated.

If you believe that our company could benefit from using barcodes for any of these functions, call us and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

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