Barcode medication systems transform safety

Trials carried out in Bristol using barcode label technology has been used in a number of care homes with great success and has resulted in medication safety systems have being transformed. This pioneering technology is due to an innovative collaboration between NHS Bristol, Pharmacy Plus and the care home sector.

From information received it seems that around 52% of care home residents have a serious medication error, such as being given another resident’s medication, in any three month period and this new technology stops care workers from making these mistakes, ensuring that the right medication is scanned and then can only be given to the right person at the right time. The system is known as Proactive Care System (PCS) is the first barcode validation system of its kind created.  The system is expected to not only protect patients but also save the NHS money on drug over-use and waste, this is a recognised problem in care homes with up to £50 million of drugs returned to pharmacies each year by care homes for disposal

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