How are barcode labels produced

There are few in the business world today that do not realise the importance of the barcode label. Barcode labels are often highly customisable usually to suit the unique properties of the business and can include more items than just the familiar set of lines, for example, we can include your company logo that shows that the product is linked to your business.

There are a number of stages that the label must go through before the finished product is delivered to you, design and artwork for example, but there are only a few steps that are taken in the construction of barcode labels.

The first stage in the production process of barcode labels is generating the actual image for the barcode.  This is when extra items such as adding the logo or a motto or other printed print can be added. For most barcode labels, we create the image through the use of a thermal transfer or digitally, all in accordance with the approved artwork.

Now we have the important adhesive, the backing to the label that fixes the barcode label to your product. We can supply a number of different adhesives depending on where the product is to be used and also the different surfaces that they are likely to be used upon. The label is now ready for dispatch and will soon be on the way to you.

DataLabel has helped many businesses and government operations, we can help you too.

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