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High & Low Temperature Labels

We have talked about cryogenic labels for use in situation which can withstand extremely low temperatures as low as minus 196 degrees centigrade, but what about important labels that have to withstand the opposite, very high temperatures, up to 140 degrees centigrade. These types of label are found on items such as solar panels and both central heating radiators and car radiators or engine components.

High quality labels for thermal printing

These labels are produced for a specific purpose to suit thermal transfer or thermal direct printing. We offer a number of variations of thermal transfer and thermal direct also synthetic materials which can be supplied will a range of adhesives as well as protective coating if needed. The difference between the two types of printing is that thermal transfer has a ribbon and thermal direct does not.

Are you printing your own labels?

We are happy to supply labels for your particular requirement in whatever form is required for the product. However if you are want to print the labels yourself, again this will not cause any difficulties, but we will know the printer specification so we can make sure the labels we supply are compatible.

What is your label to be used for?

This is a question that we like to ask when a buyer asks us for a quantity of labels, either printed or plain. This is an important question because it will determine the best material that is used and could also if this should receive a coating or not, and do you require it to be proof against any specific conditions such as weather.

Printed Labels

Attractive labels draw the customer’s attention to a product or to inform or advise about a hazard that may lie ahead, behind a door, or around a corner. Having a printed and attractive label is the first step and is often more certain to attract than say a simple black and white printed item. However, it does not just stop there, if the colours are poor or not in perfect register, they not only become harder to read, but are sure to give a poor impression of the product and company.

Your Business & Barcodes

This clever invention has made the whole experience of shopping in the supermarket, paper shop, convenience store, accessory shop, a whole lot better than it was a few years ago, thanks to the barcode. You grab the items that you want and hey presto you are through the checkout in no time, no longer looking up prices and punching them into a cash register, not at all, a simple swipe across the barcode reader and the information is loaded electronically into the till.

Advice for label buyers

There may be some important questions that need to be addressed before labels are ordered. We would need to know if you are going to print your own labels, for example we would need to know the specification of your printer; this is to ensure that the labels we supply to you are entirely compatible with your printer.

QR Coded Labels

Increasingly at DataLabel we are being asked to incorporate QR coding to labels, this is in order for manufacturers this is in order to link with their own main websites, or to give the customer promotional information. To explain a QR code, which is short for “quick response” is a specific two-dimensional barcode, which is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones.

Identifying Cables

Not everyone has the ability to read a technical circuit drawing and although of course specialised technicians can do this, manufacturers of equipment that require numerous cable connection pre-empt the difficulties by attaching a cable and wire identification labels to the various wires. This can mean that even the non technical person is able to connect the equipment without either endangering themselves, others, or damaging the expensive equipment.

Peelable labels

Important information is often displayed on a label which is specifically designed to be removed and then disposed of before the item is used. These labels are used to inform a customer what to do before using the product, for example, many DVD players display a label which says that you should note that the drawer of the player will not open until the first time installation procedure has been completed. This can mean that it may have to be connected to a TV and the instruction followed on the screen.

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