An invisible barcode is being developed

Well it’s not the sort of thing that we could provide for you business, it is however a very useful tool in the fight to detect to track explosives, medicines and bank notes.

Although it is not in any way a conventional barcode, but it is a very interesting development that has been found by a research team at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in America. They found that some nano-particles have unique characteristics that can be used to mark items, reduce crime and counterfeiting; they are so small that they can be put into any object.

As an illustration, the scientific team put tiny particles into an explosive called dinitrotoluene, and they found that the unique “tag” could be detected even after the explosive has detonated.

By adding these nano-particles to a currency note it is possible to detect if it is real or a counterfeit. Similarly it can be used to authenticate many item such as medicine, in fact just about any other objects.

We wonder if it would tell you the price as well, we doubt it!

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