An Introduction to Waterproof Barcode Labels

We are all familiar with barcode labels, there cannot be a day goes by when we do not come across them or have reason to buy a product that is without a barcode label.

However, to be function and to impart the information to the barcode reading device, they have to be in good condition. Should the barcode be printed onto standard paper which then becomes wet, it can and often does, make the code become unreadable.

As we are all aware the normal barcode consist of a series of parallel lines above a series of numbers, which stores information. This is then deciphered by the machine and used to complete the task required, most often this is indicating the price of an item to the check out. There are alternative styles of barcode such as the QR or Quick Response code, which works in a similar manner but they differ from standard barcodes as they are two dimensional.

Where there is a possibility of a barcode coming into contact with water, however small the chance may be, we recommend the use of waterproof labels. We can offer a variety of waterproof labels which includes white, clear, and silver giving complete flexibility with barcode labelling and these can be supplied on rolls and have either a gloss or matt finish.

We will be happy to discuss with you the type of material that can be used, this can be Polypropylene which is a synthetic material that is weatherproof and waterproof and is both highly durable and resistant to oils, alcohol and chemicals including materials that can cause staining.

Another alternative is polyester, a synthetic type of material; again this is weatherproof and waterproof. Polyester also has the advantage of being able to withstand very harsh conditions freezer temperatures for example, extreme heat and also has high resistance to Ultraviolet light; this will protect colours and text from fading and again can be supplied in either a gloss or matt finish.

A product which is in wide use within the horticultural industry is Vinyl as this has been found to operate very well in conditions found in these environments, both hot and humid summer conditions as well as cold, damp and freezing conditions, this also makes it perfect for use in marine and underwater situations.

Recognising at everyone’s requirements are different, if you would like advice of any further information, please get in touch and then we will then ensure we by calling our customer care team on 01293 551520 or click on Request a Free Quote.

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