Aluminium Labels

Are you looking for a tough durable stand-up to anything that Mother Nature and some humans can throw at me label, then we suggest that you have an aluminium label. We can supply a range of high-definition durable barcode labels in aluminium which is one of the most durable barcode labels for use in situations such as warehousing. These labels are read by a single scan because as we all know, scanning twice or more slows the picking process and reduces operational efficiencies.

Metal labels are not printed like other labels; specialised anodising technology allows images to be transferred to the aluminium with high resolution which enables single scanning. Naturally, these labels can be personalised as you wish and we offer small or large runs; they are highly visible and of course, it is a very cost-effective way to ensure efficiency in your warehouse or distribution depot.

The aluminium label is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage, enduring high temperatures, sunlight, abrasion, solvents and much more, durable and hard-wearing, with eight sizes from which to choose, with eight standard colours.

We can also provide Pantone colours on request.

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