After market barcode labels

With just about everything that you can imagine today having a barcode on the label, this being the easy way of product identification and used by retailers as a way to price items and keep stock records. The majority are printed onto the product labels as it is being made. However it is possible that they can be added at a later stage through a label which can be printed onto an adhesive label and then this label stuck onto a product or a component.

This way of barcoding items or stock can be particularly useful in large warehouses or distribution centres where large numbers of stock items may be kept around the warehouse and records of their locations need to be kept.

These labels referred to as aftermarket labels are an ideal way of keeping track of stock and they can be applied months after the product has been made. The barcodes usually come on rolls or if preferred sheets, the adhesive on the back allows them to be fixed on any product or product location you wish, so they can be scanned easily using a standard barcode scanner.

Just as asset tags can be made from a variety of materials, this aftermarket barcode label can be produced using substrates such as polyester and aluminium, making them the perfect tool to use in retail, commercial and industrial sectors. If you believe that an aftermarket barcode label could benefit your business, contact us and we will be pleased to provide a quotation quickly and entirely without obligation.

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