Will Apple’s Passbook app really make life a lot easier for consumers?

Apple fans are waiting with baited breath for the arrival of the new operating system this autumn, with iOS 6 set to change the landscape yet again with regards to what is possible with mobile devices.

Over the past few years the ‘app’ has really taken off, with all smartphone manufacturers looking to get in on the act. It is not just Apple leading the way in terms of releasing and allowing access to applications that make things easier for their customers.

However, one of the new apps expected out at the launch of this new operating system from Apple is more highly anticipated than anything gone before. While barcode labels and scanning apps have been refined over the years, the latest iOS app aims to solve a lot of the hassle associated with travel, amongst many other interesting features.

Those looking to sort out their tickets at the airport, remember boarding passes and access coupons can now make use of their device to do this for them. Passbook is able to collate all related apps together for when you need them, with the QR codes and barcodes ready to access right away.

Other places where the app could come in handy include the cinema, for purchasing and storing film tickets, and Starbucks coffee shops, through use of the loyalty card.

Anything else you may need when you’re out and about will now be grouped together in this one place. The lock screen integration with the location services of the iPhone is another welcome feature as alerts can be set up for when you are nearing a particular location, so you will never forget to use your money saving coupon or card ever again. As soon as you get to the cinema, the film code can be accessed directly from your screen.

The app is able to bring together all kinds of cards, coupons and tickets, storing them where they can be utilised effectively. Wherever you are, the app will be on top of things and let you know you are nearing an establishment of interest. And while it isn’t able to process payments just yet, once NFC technology comes to the fore, this could certainly change.

So, if you want to load money onto your Starbucks card, for instance, this can be done as items can be paid for using the barcode displayed on the screen of your iPhone – as long as you have credit on there. In future, payments could also be processed at just the touch of the screen.

We’ll just have to wait and see how well received this app is when it is released in the US and the UK later in the year, but it does look like its features will make life a bit more straightforward for iPhone users. Barcode labels and retail barcodes have really made the shopping experience better for consumers, giving them more choice as to what they buy. The Passbook app should enable them to save more money, while having something to compensate for their absent-mindedness and memory loss!

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