A wide choice of material for your asset label

Most business today recognises the value of asset labels attached to their equipment the tiny label fastened to the back of a laptop or other piece of valuable equipment helps to keep assets safe and secure. However, we are often asked which kind of material the asset label or tag should be made from and we are always happy to guide buyers through the process.

There are of course varying sizes of asset label dependent upon the purpose and type of equipment. Many companies prefer to add their logo and name to the asset label, together with barcodes and possibly a numbered sequence. Naturally having spent money on the set up process, you want the label to withstand the environment into which it is placed, so here are the materials which we would recommend for you.

Polyester labels have an extra layer of laminate over the barcode lines and the numbers. This prevents smudging, scraping and the label being peeled off. The polyester type of label is the most durable and can withstand most conditions.

A different kind of asset label is a void label which has a special adhesive and if it is tampered with the word “VOID” appears. These labels cannot be removed and fixed to another product; excellent for a product that has a warranty which becomes invalid if it’s opened or tampered with. A similar product to the void label the destructible label breaks into pieces when someone tries to tamper with it.

For a product which can come into contact with dirt environments, harsh chemicals and rough handling the aluminium label is the answer to this. It has to be said that these labels are virtually indestructible and shrug off just about anything thrown at them.

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