Why Product Labels Matter

We are all aware that the product label is an important element in marketing and selling a consumer product. Consumers need to know about the product, such as what the product is, how much it costs, how to use it, and how to store it. A product label might also need to comply with industry or government regulations, or offer warnings of any dangers should the product be misused. Importantly of course the product label needs to sell the product by telling the customer what it is, perhaps containing a brand image such as a logo.

We can see that the product label has a big job to do, and on a wide variety of products; produce, beverages, and food packaging are just a few types of products that require specific kinds of labels; different products present their own particular challenges as well as requirements. For example we know that for some labels they may have to withstand refrigerated or frozen distribution or storage, or endure application in a wet or cold environment, directly or indirectly in contact with the food. In addition these kinds of items have to have statutory information printed on them; content and make up, nutritional information, storage or cooking instruction are just some.

The labels have to be eye catching and attractive to the customer and with our digitally printed labels, we provide you with high-quality, full-colour labels for short run projects requiring variable data, images, or other information. We can help you design just the right label in a variety of shapes and sizes, using only the best materials so that your label performs from start to finish. Call us today and we will be pleased to discuss your particular labelling requirement.

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