Why is tagging your asset a smart decision?

It is just not practical to tag all our worldly possessions. It would be akin to a return to our school days, when everything from our lunch-boxes to clothes would be tagged.

What are the reasons for tagging my assets?

You must first ask yourself why the tagging is needed. Be it a private firm or a large corporation, different people have different reasons to do so. Most people would want to make sure that if they lost the item, they would at least have some hope of recovering their property.

Companies need to build on their brand and hence tag their items as a sign of ownership. Companies also need to tag their assets, for accounting and logistic reasons.

If you own a hundred delivery cargo trucks, all of the same model and manufactured in the same year, you would need some form of identification to differentiate them. Tagging vehicles in an organisation helps the owner to control his assets better, and carry out servicing and maintenance on the right vehicle at the right time.

What should I tag items?

For individuals, items that are used away from home on a regular basis should be tagged because they are most likely to go missing or be stolen. For example, a mobile phone or a camera is more likely to go missing than a machine that is fixed down in your workshop.

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