What can I print on an asset label?

We have discussed previously what benefits can be had by using asset labels in your business operations. Loss of assets can have a huge impact on a company’s finances, so it’s important for business owners to effectively manage their fixed and portable possessions. Asset tags are thus commonly used across a range of businesses to enable easy identification of items or products. The labels also feature strong adhesive to prevent peeling.

There is a wide range of information which can be printed onto an asset tag, this includes:

• Asset number or name
• Asset barcode
• Asset part number or serial number
• A company name or logo
• A marketing message
• Safety information
• Information about product contents

With so much information which can be printed onto an asset label, it’s easy to see how stock-taking can become a very simple process indeed. In fact, when a barcode label is used, all that is needed is a quick scan with a barcode scanner and asset information in the database can be updated accurately and efficiently.

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