What are vinyl labels?

Well these are basically a sticky label and without them today it would be hard to imagine life in the retail sector and pharmaceutical industry which relies heavily upon them. Take a look in your cupboard or along a supermarket shelf and there you will see vinyl labels of every description. To make these vinyl labels requires a printing process to describe the contents or to communicate other information such as instruction for use of the product and these are fitted to the package or jar. To produce these labels the graphics or printed word is applied on a thin film which and then an adhesive is applied. This can be a permanent or easy peel, freezer proof and can be produced either in the standard matt finish, or given a high gloss finish, which also acts as a protective film, and helps add a level of protection against moisture.

To give some examples of vinyl labels we have these on wine bottles, security labelling, pharmaceutical labelling, food  packs such as freezer packs to name only a few. These can also be used as an advertising medium often being used either in windows or other external surfaces; the use of the vinyl stickers is endless.

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