Water and Weatherproof labels

Should the need arise, and it often does, when a label has to withstand the rigours of the weather, or perhaps subject to being in contact with water, then a label that is resistant to these conditions will be needed.

We have a number of options that we can offer polyester, polypropylene, or vinyl, dependent upon the degree of water contact that the product will be subjected to. For example if you require a label which is full waterproof, resistance to oils, alcohol and dirty conditions, then we suggest the use of polypropylene. Normally the finish is matt and can be printed in full colour.

A label which is highly resistant to water and also water as well as weatherproof, polyester is an excellent material. Polyester can withstand a lot that is thrown at it and the label will shake off the harshest of climatic and manmade conditions, heat, sun, or cold and it can withstand submersion in water. This is the label that is very durable and it will still look good even if it is in contact with rough treatment, still retaining its high gloss finish.

Vinyl labels are amongst the most commonly seen and this versatile material is a very good all round material that will not deteriorate in wet or humid conditions. Excellent for many products include those found in a marine setting.

We will have a label that will be suitable for just about any condition that the product is likely to be in, we will be delighted to discuss your label needs and let you have a no obligation, free quotation for this.

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