Warehouse barcode labels

You’ll normally find barcodes printed onto an items packaging, but they don’t have their use restricted to this alone.

One of the other places you might see a barcode is in a warehouse. Barcodes can be used in warehouses for the following reasons.

Heavy duty floor barcode labels

Barcode labels which can be affixed to the floor can be scanned whenever required by manual operatives or automatically by automatic guided vehicles which have scanners attached. Because the labels have to stay in-situ for long periods of time floor barcode labels are normally made from steel or aluminium.

Heavy duty pallet barcode labels

Barcode labels can be affixed to pallets or crates and can be used during the stocktaking process. The labels provide an easy way for someone to identify stock and also to calculate current stock levels.

Heavy duty racking barcode labels

In a stores area, vast quantities of racking is used. And an easy way of allocating and identifying an item’s location within a stores area is to use barcode labels affixed to each stock location. The label can be scanned easily so the stock can be replenished when used.

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