The value of choosing the right label material

Here at Data Label we readily understand that choosing the label material can play a big role in helping draw customers to your product and for many reasons it is important that the correct label material is used.

The label is not just something that your customer, or potential customer looks at, no they pick products up in their hands, they may feel the label and in the same way that the shelf stacker does, it would if it was the wrong material, show signs of distress or wear. Your product will not look particularly striking if it is grubby and turning up at the corners, because a sub-standard material or adhesive was used.

As a product manufacturer you will have gone to a great amount of trouble creating your item, and maybe the design team has come up with a striking design, but label material is just as important as all of the other design factors.

At Data Label we have for over 25 years helped numerous businesses’ make the right choices to enhance their products, by using the right label material and an adhesive that is suitable for the sales environment.

We will be happy to help by both sending us an email, or telephoning and speaking to one of our advisors; the right label is waiting with us, just right for you.

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