The value of asset labels

Our asset labels cannot be easily copied and this makes them particularly useful when they are used in places where tracking of a company’s assets is required. For example, the many parts used in a computer, memory cards, office equipment, in fact anything that you may want to keep track of.

Which kind of asset label will be best for your application will depend upon the items to be tracked, for example our standard paper barcode labels may not work for every type of product or equipment; you might need something a little more robust. Metal could be the ones which are best, they are difficult or nearly impossible to tamper with or removed easily. The information engraved upon them and is not affected by wear and tear. Also the information on metal tags is always readable whatever the temperatures or climatic conditions are thrown at it.

However for items such as food items or other perishables, a reflective label is best as they will respond easily to optical reading devices. Foil labels on the other hand are used extensively in the business world and these labels can be found and used in the tracking and movement of raw materials.

We will be happy to discuss the best options for your particular company products or equipment and we will give a quotation for the manufacturing and supply of these asset labels.

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