Using stick-on barcode labels

If you enter a retail establishment, it is hard to miss the barcodes which are attached to every item in store. The barcodes provide a simple way for the shop owners to distinguish between different items and for them to implement a simple pricing structure which can be changed on a computer terminal in a matter of seconds, rather than relabeling every item with the correct price.

In some instances it might become appropriate to fix a new barcode label on a particular product – and if this is the case stick-on barcode labels are the perfect option.

Stick-on barcode labels are now available at really cheap rates, so items can be re-labelled quickly and efficiently. These labels don’t even have their use confined to the labelling of products alone. Stick-on barcode labels are especially useful in factories or warehouses where they are used to great effect to label racking, product bays and even product locations.

Most stick-on barcode labels can be pre-printed with just about any type of information you want. So they can feature a barcode, a company logo, a marketing message or even just a numerical sequence to make product identification easy. The labels can also be made from durable materials such as vinyl and polyester so perfectly suit tough environments.

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