Using durable asset labels to record pertinent information

Asset labels are a great way of identifying goods or assets a company may own or sell. However, in some instances a company may want something more then a standard asset label, as this may not be suitable for the conditions in which the product or asset will be stored.

If you are looking for durable asset labels you should be able to find a product which is resistant to:

• heat or cold
• constant abrasion
• some chemical solutions
• permanent use in harsh weather conditions

Durable asset labels are the perfect solution when you need a label which has to withstand harsh climatic conditions. Because durable asset labels are resistant to extreme temperature, it means that they will always be able to be read and hence stock taking or inventory tracking will always be possible. The label will prove difficult to remove and the information on the label will always be able to be read manually or with an automatic scanning device.

Standard asset labels will only fade or disintegrate when they are used for any amount of time outdoors. This makes choosing and using durable asset labels even more pertinent.

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