Using asset tags to create an asset register

Companies across the UK invest a lot of money into the assets they own. And there is thus a great need to make sure they are protected so that missing assets can be claimed for. Many companies don’t realise the amount of money they have tied up in their assets and it’s only when multiple assets are lost or stolen they realise the importance of having some sort of asset register.

Using asset tags

Fixing asset tags onto each and every item you own is not a difficult process. There are simple ways in which any business can use them to become more efficient.

• Asset tags can be printed labels which stick on items
• Asset tags can be fastened to an item using a plastic tie
• Asst tags can be fixed on equipment using a semi-permanent adhesive
• Asset tags can have barcodes printed on them so can be read by an optical scanner
• Asset tags can even be used for brand marketing and can feature company logos or icons

There are many benefits to using asset tags besides just keeping track of assets. They also deter theft and help a company manage its business operations.

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