Using asset tags on portable appliances

Portable appliance testing is carried out at most businesses across the UK. It is a way of labelling each portable appliance that a company owns and a way of making sure that the appliance is safe to use.

Some insurance companies will insist on regular portable appliance tests if they are to insure your building or employees from damage or harm.

One of the easiest ways to label and hence find and record information about all the appliances you have on site is to use portable appliance asset labels. These labels have pre-printed information on the label which can be read by the portable appliance tester or by a barcode scanner. This information is then entered into a database so a user will have access to all the portable appliances on site and whether or not they have passed the relevant test.

Some portable appliances are used in heavy industrial environments so require a label which will not fade, rub or lose its adhesion. But, if you use high quality asset labels, and speak to your supplier, they should be able to recommend something which will work well in all scenarios.

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